2019 Local Advertising Icons Award Winners

Every AAF season you nominate the greatest minds in our community, and we recruit a team of judges to make the very, very hard choice of choosing just a handful. Although there is a lot going on this year, the fact remains the same: Great things are being done in Colorado Springs and the people responsible deserve to be celebrated.

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Jennifer is the definition of a go-getter. She has superior customer service with her clients and is always searching for new opportunities to expand her company’s business. She goes above and beyond for her clients, whether it is completing a request in the wee hours of the night or finding innovative ways for her clients to remain number one in their markets. She also brings great joy and energy to her team and to client meetings. Her passion for her job is obvious.

Account Planner of the Year
Jennifer Davis, Graham Oleson

Sam Minneti is one of the most talented copywriters in Colorado Springs. At this year’s American Advertising Awards, her work for the Colorado Springs Visitors Bureau landed a gold for copywriting as well as the campaign won best in show. She was chosen by the Colorado Springs Business Journal for this year’s Rising Start class, served on the Indy Give board, and was interviewed for the CSBJ. Her work is exemplary, and she has more than earned this honor. The Colorado Springs community is lucky to have her in it.

Copywriter of the Year
Sam Minneti, Design Rangers

Congratulations to an amazingly talented designer and photographer, Lauren McKenzie. Lauren’s numerous ADDYs and portfolio speak for themselves. As the coronavirus crisis invaded Colorado, she assembled a team and set out to make a website that would help all the small businesses in our community. This team cranked out a website, stickers, and yard signs in less than a week to inform Colorado Springs which restaurants are offering take-out and delivery, which small businesses can be supported through online orders or gift card purchases. She did all of this on a voluntary basis because she loves Colorado Springs and is passionate about small businesses. In a time of crisis, a very talented designer leveled up to become a community leader.

Designer of the Year
Lauren McKenzie, REN Creativ

Michael O’Canã has a prolific body of work, designing and developing hundreds, if not thousands, of websites in his career.  He is a very hard worker. The capacity he has to take on a heavy workload in an efficient and expert manner is incredible. For all the hours he works each week, one would think he would show signs of fatigue or frustration. Anyone else might reach a breaking point and snap, but that never happens. His can-do attitude and affable demeanor are infectious and inspiring. Congratulations Michael, for becoming our very first Web Developer of the Year.

Developer of the Year
Michael O’Caña, Neon Pig Creative

Allison Daniell has been taking photos in Colorado Springs and throughout Southern Colorado for more than a decade. Her imagination is inspiring, and her tenacity is unmatched. From infusing creativity and fun into corporate photoshoots to using her talents to challenge the community to confront racial injustice, she is the epitome of a well-rounded and yet envelope-pushing photographer. She is passionate about local business and the people who make community happen, and she knows just how to jump in and help tell their stories in a meaningful way. She has truly captured the spirit of Colorado Springs, a community she is incredibly proud to be part of and contribute to.

Photographer of the Year
Allison Daniell, Stellar Propeller Studio

Before starting an agency nearly five years ago, Jason Carter spent a decade as on-air talent for local TV stations throughout the west coast. Honored with more than 40 journalism awards for his storytelling and on-camera presence, he has always tried to break the mold with his approach to storytelling. That passion still lives on today as not only does he run an eight-person shop in Colorado Springs, but he also hosts and reports for two TV shows on Altitude TV.

Producer of the Year
Jason Carter, Twelve Legs Marketing

A true marketing maven and provides the most thorough analysis of any social media or digital campaign. Amada Baida keeps her finger on the pulse of marketing and social media trends and is constantly staying up on technology. She cares about her clients’ bottom lines much more than just keeping them “active” on social media. She sets measurable goals and provides comprehensive reporting, whether it be for a specific campaign or an overarching social media strategy. She also presents her findings in a way that is understandable for clients and does not overwhelm them with jargon or confusing analytics.

Social Media Maven of the Year
Amanda Baida, Innersocial Marketing

Trevor Kinkade is a rare talent that has quickly made a name for himself in the Colorado Springs design community. This will likely be the last year he could win the “Next Generation” award because he is indeed becoming a prolific designer and helping set the bar in “This Generation.” He has integrated himself into the scene so quickly that he is a go-to freelancer for many agencies who have overflow work, and he carries a vast client portfolio himself. The way he sees geometry in branding and can pare logo identities down to their simplest common form, yet still tell a robust story, is quite amazing. In his “spare” time he tackles numerous self-inspired projects and serves on the AIGA Board of a Directors

Next Generation Award
Trevor Kinkade, Trevor Kinkade Design

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